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Who is 
Ann Vlahadmis?

Ann has recently joined the team at Body Polish Day Spa as our nurse injector, specializing in anti-wrinkle treatments using neuromodulators (Dysport/Botox) and dermal fillers. Ann earned her BScN from the University of Victoria, BC and completed her Master of Nursing Degree and Advanced Practice Program at the University of Alberta.

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As a Nurse Practitioner, Ann is an independent health professional who has achieved proficiency in advanced health assessment skills within a clinic setting. Nurse practitioners use advanced clinical knowledge to autonomously perform physical exams, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose and

treat illness and are licensed to prescribe pharmaceuticals, and can perform specific minor surgical procedures.

Ann has a deep passion for aesthetics. She completed her neuromodulator injection program through the University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. She completed her dermal filler training through The Filler Course, which is the gold standard for filler training in Canada. Ann pays very close attention by listening to her clients concerns and what they want to improve, she has learned that people usually request “a little something” to make their skin a bit smoother, make them look more youthful, more rested and refreshed while at the same time leaving people guessing as to whether or not they have had “work done”. When Ann provides aesthetic treatments for her patient’s her intent is not to change the character of someone’s look, just to change how rested they look!

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BOTOX® Cosmetic is a widely used cosmetic treatment with over 20 years of experience and millions of happy patients treated.

What are the Benefits of BOTOX®?

  • Extremely effective

  • Very safe

  • Non-surgical

  • Quick and simple procedure

  • Requires zero downtime

  • Temporary

  • Minimal pain and discomfort

  • No anaesthesia required

  • Relatively inexpensive

  • Proven safety track record, approved by Health Canada and the FDA

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Now Booking Consultations 
with our Nurse Practitioner Ann Vlahadamis

Botox Post-Treatment Instructions

To minimize your risk of side effects, make sure to receive your cosmetic assessment and treatment by an experienced and well-trained specialist such as a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. Our Nurse Practitioner - Ann, will discuss with you all the potential side effects of Botox®. She will discuss your options with Botox® Cosmetic & Botox® Therapeutic (for excessive sweating, migraines etc) to ensure that the potential for side effects is kept very low.

Depending on age, gender, strength of muscles and depth of wrinkles, each person will requires a different number of units of Botox®. Ann has the expertise to ensure you get just the right amount of Botox®.

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