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Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that forces the regeneration of new skin while simultaneously stimulating production of healthy cells, collagen and elastin; which leads to the skin tightening and becoming thicker and firmer. A diamond tip is used to exfoliate the skin’s surface by creating a gentle vacuum that removes dead surface cells and helps to loosen and

extract blackheads, whiteheads, and other facial debris.


Microdermabrasion is a quick, safe, and effective form of exfoliation for all skin types and colours with no downtime and virtually no discomfort. It is achieved by the use of diamond-tip technology to remove dead or damaged skin cells. Skin will appear softer, smoother, brighter, clearer, and younger looking.


What are the Benefits?

  • Brighten dull complexion.

  • Lighten surface acne scars and skin discolouration.

  • Eliminate blackheads.

  • Remove dead skin cell buildup. 

  • Treat and improve acne production.

  • Reduces melisma; a common issue which produces dark spots on the skin.


Face $135.00
Package of 3 Face Treatments $364.50

Save 10%

Package of 6 Face Treatments $688.50

Save 15%

Neck $75 


Face & Neck $180
Package of 3 Face & Neck Treatments $486

Save 10%

Package of 6 Face & Neck Treatments $918

Save 15%

Eyes, Upper Lip, Chin (any 2) $50

Hands $50
Arms $120

Upper or Lower Back $150

Full Back $200

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