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Are you looking for brighter, healthier-looking skin? The Venus Glow Facial skin treatment deep cleans pores to remove the build-up of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and other debris that cannot otherwise be removed through just washing your face. During treatment, a vacuum gently opens up pores and deep cleans them while a rotating tip spreads purified water from two ultra-fine jet streams.

The result is brighter, smoother skin. Patients can receive the following benefits from this treatment: 

  • Brighten dull skin

  • Improve uneven skin tone

  • Improve skin elasticity

  • Moisturize skin

  • Remove blackheads and whiteheads

  • Control sebum secretion

  • Enhance effectiveness of complimentary therapies and post-treatment products.



30-45 MINS





Glow Facial

1 hour - 1 hour 15 mins $150

The Glow Facial is the step up and includes a full face Glow Pre Cleanse Serum treatment followed by a customized Glow Serum and purified water from two ultra-fine jet streams, while at the same time the

vacuum gently opens pores and performs a deep cleanse. We follow this treatment with extractions (if needed), and a HydroJelly Face Mask which is also customized for your skin needs, and finish with a

Dermalogica moisturizer to highlight your new Glow!

Series of 3 Services $405.00 - $135.00 each

Series of 6 Services $765.00 - $127.50 each

 Mini Glow

30-45 mins  $95

The Mini Glow includes a double cleanse of the face followed by a facial treatment with the Glow system

that will infuse the skin with a customized Glow serum and purified water from two ultra-fine jet streams,

while at the same time the vacuum gently opens pores and performs a deep cleanse.

We then apply Dermalogica moisturizers to protect your skin and your new Glow!

Series of 3 Services $256.50 - $85.50 each

Series of 6 Services $484.50 - $80.75 each

Venus Glow Custom Serums 

Mini Glow
Glow Facial

Glow Clara Serum

Calming and soothing serum designed to reduce redness and irritation. Contains peptides to diminish blemishes and redness. Added plant extracts that contain antioxidant properties known to boost skin's repair system.

Glow Nova Serum

Anti-aging serum containing amino acid peptides known to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides enhance texture, strength and resilience of the skin. Added benefits of plant extracts known to detoxify and aid collagen production

Glow Sana Serum

Skin protecting serum rich in antioxidants with powerful plant extracts known to slow down aging of the skin while providing protection from free radical damage. Protects, improves firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Glow Astra Serum

Skin brightening antioxidant serum, formulated with natural plant extracts and powerful Vitamin C to enhance and maintain skin tone, texture and brightness.

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